Christian Cafe

The Café Church desires to unite people of all ages and nations in meaningful worship. Shared experience and dialogue is encouraged to support each worshiper’s walk with God. The café offers services to those in need. Our goal is to relieve the suffering in the community either physically or spiritually.

Our policy is to come as you are. If you are in need of friendship, you have come to the right place. If you desire to worship by simply listening to contemporized music, then the Café Church is the place for you. Have you wished to help those in need? Then the Café Church is what you are looking for.

Helping those in need through our clothing, food pantry, flower and welcome basket ministries. Please visit our Café If your searching for spiritual food as well. We also offer vegetarian cooking demonstrations if you would like to learn about healthy food choices, stop smoking, or become an outreach facilitator? Our calendar is updated periodically with these events.

Come join us and learn what the Café is all about. We look forward to knowing you. Below are links to Donate and Volunteer.  Contact Laura Kryger is you would like additional information.

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